Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm really tired of gaining and losing and gaining and losing the same FIVE pounds!

For the last several of months I've gained and lost the "same" few pounds. Ugh!

I reach a certain low weight and something triggers in my head that says, "Go ahead and splurge, look how good you've done." And so I do. And then along comes writers group day and I allow myself to go hog wild. Our group meets at a Tex-Mex restaurant and I pig out on chips and salsa and enjoy a delicious high-calorie meal of enchiladas with beans and rice or a juicy burger and steak fries.

And then I've gained back the weight...

But I've had it.  I'm bound and determined to lose those five pounds and a few more in order to finally finally drop below the gosh-darned 130lb. mark. Just once. I just want to see it on the scale's readout. I know I won't stay there for very long, but that's okay. I'll shift above and below it for a few weeks as my body adjusts to this new phase.

I've done good, and whenever I've been tempted to splurge on something, I remember the scale readout, I think about the progress I've made and about the hated poundage I don't want back and I say no.

I'm going to have to give up my new vice: flour tortillas. Or at least reduce the number of them I consume. But they are so darned tasty. Back to more proteins and more veggies. More celery and peanut butter, I guess. I really should get back to my salad lunches, but the prep work stops me in my tracks. I'll have to research my cost of buying all the lettuce and veggies fresh and raw versus the pre-made salads at the local grocery store. If the difference is negligible, then I may go for the pre-mades. Of course, once the kids are all out and our expenses decrease across the board, then maybe I'll splurge anyway.

I'm still walking every morning, though I'm maintaining a slower pace. The faster pace was making one of legs hurt in a way that wasn't right. Instead, I'm going to increase the grade of the incline to challenge my leg muscles more. I've already noticed some increased muscle mass, both in my calves and right above the back of the knee. Which might also account for the seeming lack of weight loss.

Now if I could just get rid of my belly, but I know it's going to be the hardest area to lose and tone.

And just for fun--the best SQUIRREL PICTURE EVER!


Anonymous said...

Gosh that squirrel pic is cute ... and I'm not overly fond of them :-) Keep at it, Jen. I can not believe how much weight you have lost in a year. Well, at least you look like you have :-)


Regina Richards said...

Your determination and persistence inspire me. :)

Cute squirrel.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Thanks, ladies. I appreciate your friendship and support. *hugs*