Monday, April 21, 2014


There are few pleasures I enjoy more than the smell of my bedclothes after they've been washed and line-dried. Now that spring is here and I had a good weather day yesterday, I was able to hang my sheets, blanket, and bedspread outside to dry.

And last night when I snuggled into bed...smelled the fabric softener and fresh air...ah, heavenly!

At the March meeting of my writers group, I was presented a hanging planter for my work on the contest I coordinated (and am still coordinating). I joked that it was something else I could kill, but here we are a month later and the little guy is hanging in there--literally and figuratively--and finally looks as if I'm going to get some blooms.

The initial burst of azalea blooms are wilting and falling off, but the Sweet Williams are now starting to open up.

Hope you had a super weekend~

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Regina Richards said...

Fresh air-dried sheets and spring flowers. Lovely!