Friday, February 14, 2014

Let's celebrate!

I haven't talked much about weight loss in the past month or more, mainly because I wasn't doing so hot. I'd reached a record low of 133.6 in late December, but then it was New Years and DH got sick and I was stressed out, so while I was sorta/kinda trying to watch what went into my mouth, I would also give in to the lure of comforting or just plain unhealthy treats. And I was eating a lot of carbs.

When the scale flashed 140 point something a couple of weeks ago, I took myself in hand and got back on track. Closely watched was eating. Gave up carbs for protein more often. Said no to offers of root beer despite strong lure and desire for that vanilla-y sweetness. I got back on the tread mill every morning and upped the speed by a tenth and the incline by one (more calories burned in the same amount of time). A couple of times, I made a decision to eat less-than-healthy choices, but then I buckled down the next day.

The result--I stepped on the scale this past Tuesday morning and the scale read: 133.4!

Two tenths less than my former record low and here's the really exciting part--

That's 32.4 pounds I've lost over the course of the last two years. It might be a little more, but I didn't start recording my weight until a few months into beginning my efforts. I was surprised it was that much. I was thinking it was maybe 20 or 25... WOO HOO!

In February of 2012, I started doing short rounds of calisthenics several times a day to get my large muscle groups working and moving since I sit at a desk all day. Then I started walking in the mornings, but that fell by the wayside a couple of times for various reasons. For a while I counted calories as well, though I haven't been as diligent about that for a while. I check calorie count on the foods I eat, but I don't record everything I consume in MyFitnessPal at this point. Because I pretty much each the same thing for breakfast and snacks each day, the need to count every little calorie has lessened. I just have to gauge lunch and dinner--and of course stay on the exercise train.

While I probably wanted things to progress faster, I've come to the realization that the slower I do this, the better off I am. My body will adjust and learn and accept the changes the longer it takes and the chances of gaining the weight back (and then some) are minimized.

I have another ten to twelve to fifteen pounds to go. Looking at my history, that ought to take me a year. And I'm okay with that.


Regina Richards said...

Great news! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Go, Jen!!! So great that you don't let the 'backslides' keep you from reaching your goal!