Monday, December 16, 2013

The Elixir of Life

After water, which I drink plenty of, though I've slacked off of late, my personal elixir is Plantation Mint tea by Bigelow.

I love love love this tea and drink as much of it as I do water. Probably more, especially in the winter.

It's gotten to the point where it's my cure all, and for me it works.

Headache? Several ibuprofen and a mint tea chaser.

Stomach ache? Mint tea

Feeling chilly? Mint tea

Stress? You guessed it--more mint tea.

It even has aromatherapy properties! This particular brand individually wraps each tea bag in a foil wrapper, so when I open the little package I waft the tea bag under my nose a few times and enjoy the lovely scent for a few moments. The scent, obviously, becomes diluted once you drop it into the boiling hot water.

I've even gotten the rest of the family leaning on Plantation Mint Tea's healing properties. Well, not DD so much as she doesn't drink a lot of hot stuff to begin with, but Sonshine--his indoctrina--I mean his enjoyment and experience has him in agreement and when he's not feeling well, he'll ask for a cup. And now that the colder weather is upon us, he's actually drinking it just because.

Morning tea for work and school...

Yep, the boy totes a thermos-ful of hot tea to school quite often and most of his teachers allow him to drink it during class. Very amusing, huh?

Ever tried Plantation Mint tea? Or do have another flavor you enjoy? Not a tea aficionado? What do you prefer?

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Regina Richards said...

This is also my very favorite tea! I even carry it in my purse because so many places don't serve tea, but they all have hot water so I can still enjoy my tea. It tastes great, freshens the breath, clears the sinuses, and soothes the tummy. Wonderful stuff!