Friday, December 6, 2013

Counting my blessings...

The other day I was in a right funk. Very pissed off about my troubles and jealous of pretty much everybody I know. Kind of ironic considering Thanksgiving was just last week. And just last Wednesday I even posted all the things I'm thankful for. And I am still thankful for all of them, but you know, sometimes we have bad days.

So today I needed a bit of a kick in the pants and decided to count a few blessings.

1) I have a husband and children who love me and whom I love.
2) I have family who loves me and whom I love.
3) My Brown Eyed Girl just celebrated three years clean.
4) I have a roof over my head and food to eat.
5) I have friends who care about me and whom I care about in return.
6) I can read books for free if I know where to look. (and I do)
7) Me and mine are relatively healthy. We're not suffering chronic conditions or illnesses.
8) I live in one of the more economically sound states of the Union. (Well, it is for now. I know it can change.)
9) I've had the opportunity to travel and/or live not only around the US of A, but to a couple of foreign countries as well. (Denmark and England)

While the list seems short, these nine things encompass a lot of blessings.

What about you? Is there something I didn't mention that you are especially blessed with??


Regina Richards said...

I am blessed in many ways: family, friends, food and shelter, this blog. Thanks for reminding me to count them!

Also a huge thank you for the off-blog referral you gave me to Konrath's blog about the importance of a writer leaving instructions for intellectual property with her will. Needed that.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Oh, Regina, so sweet of you to say this blog is a blessing. I don't know that I agree it falls in blessing category, amusing and good for a laugh maybe...!

Hope to see you at the NT meeting if our weather settles down.

Unknown said...

Glad you're starting to feel better!

Jen FitzGerald said...

Thanks, Lara.