Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snoopy Dancing

Two of my critique partners finaled in our chapter's writing contest. Now they get to take a look at their first round critiques, make any changes they deem necessary and resubmit to the final round judge--an agent or editor.

I too entered the contest, Apparently no finalling for me, but that's okay. I wanted feedback more than I wanted to final.

On another exciting note, I helped one of my other CPs get her website up and published. It's probably not available yet, but the URL is www.lavenderdaye.com. (Just a warning, she writes erotic romance. There's nothing too erotic on the site, at the moment, except maybe the picture, but even that's tasteful. Well, I like it, anyway. :)

The weather is cloudy again and therefore warmer. My CP Lavender gave me a pedometer the other day and I wore it while I walked my morning blocks--@3740 steps yesterday and @4380 today. I read somewhere that you should take 10,000 steps a day. I wore the pedometer all day yesterday but only ended up with @5700, almost 5800 steps. And that was a busier than normal day for me. I guess I need to add that fourth block soon and the aerobics.

Well, time to get busy....


C. A. Szarek said...

Yay for the CPs! They are mine, too. ;)

Lavender's site is up (I opened it) and it looks GREAT!

Congrats on the walking! You're doing great, keep it up!

I also entered the contest and no finaling for me, either. Oh well. It's great that the others did.

I hope my blog is in the links for Lavender's site. ;)

mtnchild said...

Congratulations to your CP's.
Have you thought of writing short stories for magazines? That way you don't have to write a novel - pun intended! Teen magazines?

Yup, add that 4th block and see. It's surprising how much you think you walk and then you look at the step count, aarrgg! We did that when I worked at the Parks Dept. - they routed out a map for us and mileage! From KF to Crater Lake, to Medford, to Salem, etc., etc. I think they had it down for 500 miles, step by step. Very interesting - I made it to Crater Lake - about 60 miles. Then it seemed to fizzle ...
Love you,