Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Do you want to play a game?

Is a famous line from a movie. I watched its sequel last night with Sonshine.

Can you name it?

I take back Monday's assertion that I have nothing going on on Friday. There's a band cookout for the HS band along with the three feeder middle schools. The band director has asked me to man a table to sell tickets for Jazz on the Hill and accept payments for the band trip in May. Oh joy. :)

Speaking of the band trip, she wants to know if I can go and act as a chaperone. I want to, and I get to go for free, except for food. Need to talk to hubby/boss and make sure there're no conflicts.

On a side note, I finally stopped letting myself be taken advantage of. Sonshine's girlfriend was asking me for a ride to school everyday. I get not wanting to walk a mile and a half to school. I really do, but she lives way out of the way and the cost of gas is rising. I finally said no more. I felt a little bad at first, but the last two days without that extra loop on my trip to school were very nice. Sonshine has not had a bad attitude about it, either, which is good.

All right, well back to my day. . . .


C. A. Szarek said...

Well, I hope you have a good w/end with the unexpected Band thing. I am actually OFF on Friday overnight, but I have to work OT on Saturday at my full time job. Still, it will be good not to feel rushed on Friday like I always do.

Have a good rest of the week! Hope you get alot of writing done!

mtnchild said...

Not taking the girlfriend to school also saves on wear and tear on the car and time.

Is this the same girlfriend that you posted pictures of? I suffer from CRS - (can't remember sh*t) ... LOL

Have a good weekend sweetie.
Love you