Monday, October 17, 2011

U.I.L. Here Comes the Highlander Band

Next Saturday, we'll be traveling to the U.I.L. competition. According to those in the know, we have a fantastic chance of advancing to area. Our program is better than two years ago (the last time the band was eligible to advance) and the performance is outstanding.

This past Saturday, we attended "pre-UIL". We got scored (all 1s and 2s) and received comments on what's good and what needs work. This week will be cleaning up all the minor issues. Not to mention homecoming is this week. So we'll be out late Friday for the football game/homecoming--but, thank goodness, report time to school is not until noon-ish, so everyone will be able to sleep in!

If we make area, marching season will extend one more week. We are all on the fence about this. We're all tired. The kids are obviously doing most of the hard work, but those of us supporting the band (DD and me and one dad who drives the equipment truck and those handful of prop helpers who have to load and unload the equipment truck) are feeling the strain as well.

Still and all, I think it would very neat if we make it. It'll look good on Sonshine's scholastic resume. And if we do make it, it would only be the second time in the history of the Highlander Band. Even better!

*fingers crossed*

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