Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Whew, I'm tuckered out. But I feel so accomplished. :)

Yesterday, DD and I spent the afternoon doing yard work.

First we made two trips to the dump; first trip was to haul all the trash from the office/warehouse that I'd bagged; second trip was a bit more we couldn't get the first trip from the office and then the small pallets, the broken awning frame, some scrap wood and the cardboard box that the new shed came in from the back yard.

After that, we ate lunch and caught our breath. Then we were off to home to tackle the front and side yards.

I worked on the holly and got it trimmed back somewhat. I did, however, come to the conclusion that it'll be much easier to A) clear out all the dead leaves underneath it, and B) shape it and keep it shaped nicely, if I get a chain saw and cut the individual bushes back to their main trunks and start from scratch. Some of the off-shoots were too thick for the hedge trimmer to cut, so it looks a bit misshapen. On the other hand, it looks 100% better and the holly no longer tries to poke you when you walk up the ramp. :)

DD did all the edging of the curbs and driveway and all the mowing. I bagged all the hedge trimmings and monkey grass and magnolia leaves--we have nine bags of leaves, trimmings, and grass! And that was just the front and side yards.

We still have a few tasks to do in the front, but it looks soooooo much better. I have my lists and have crossed off some tasks and added a couple more.

Today will be recuperation day. Neither DD or I are used to so much physical exertion in a single afternoon.

Can't wait to continue...!


mtnchild said...

WOW, you did good!!! Too bad you can't just burn the yard waste like we can out here. What does it cost to go to the dump? I hope it isn't too expensive with all those bags ...

Just talked to Grandma, she's doing well. She has a bunch of appts. for tests to see exactly what is wrong with her back and why she's in so much pain all the time. They have her scheduled for back surgery on the 8th of Nov. It will be about 8 pm your time on the 7th. Say a prayer for her.

Love you

Jen FitzGerald said...

The dump is free if you live in the city--I just have to take my water bill to prove my address.

We could burn a little except I think we might still be under a burn ban. But burning takes way more time since you have to watch the darn thing...until we have time to sit around the fire pit for a few hours and do nothing...

I will keep Grandma in my prayers.