Thursday, March 31, 2011

So it's Thursday... (random stuff)

Trash day in my neighborhood. Will the kids remember to take the trash out? I didn't leave a note.

And aspirin a day, keeps the vet away. My dog is old, very old. We've had her since we before we moved to Texas. We've been here 11.5 years. I can't really remember when we got her, but she wasn't a puppy when we did, although she was no more than a year or two. So I'm going to say she's about 14 years old. She's a golden retriever mix. Anyway, she suffers from old dog maladies including arthritis, I'm sure. So a while back I researched dog arthritis on the 'Net and discovered that you can give your dog aspirin--real live people aspirin for pain. But usually you have to crush it up because they don't have the right kind of acids in their stomachs to break down the coating aspirin usually has. Long story short, I wasn't very diligent about it and slacked off. Poor dog became grumpy, surly, grouchy again, snapping at us and her fellow dog, Sam, for no reason. Is this the end? And I thought, hmm... she's been struggling to get to her feet and slow when making her rounds in the yard... Plus a friend of mine mentioned having just taken her dog to the vet and being advised by her vet to use aspirin on a daily basis and save the prescription drugs for when the dog really hurts. Validation. I dug the aspirin back out and started a two-tablet-a-day regimen--crushed and sprinkled on her meals. Wow, what a difference! She's been so pleasant and downright frisky--well as frisky as a 14-year-old dog can be--and she's getting around so much easier. No more slacking for me. :(

If your Internet is slow, it's because AT&T has started a round of updates to their network. Which means, of course, that as their network interconnects with other networks, those other networks mus then also implement some updates. GAH!

Started watching "Grey's Anatomy" recently. Not a bad show, not the greatest. But it's something to watch. And I do love Patrick Dempsey. It's really more of a night time soap opera, which is okay.

I'm re-reading the Harry Potter books. Yes, they are entertaining me that much. At least for now. Just finished the second book (again) the other day and will move on to the third in a day or two.

After my girls writers weekend, I'm going to work on my spare room (probably Sunday). It's been at a standstill for a few weeks and I really feel like I need to make some sort of progress on it. I say I can hardly wait for it to be finished, but I just don't have the energy to make it happen. But soon. Maybe...

My oldest daughter, who's in jail, is not allowed visitors for 20 days starting April 3, so last night was my last visit until April 27. Maybe I'll work on the bedroom those nights in the interim and maybe I can finally get it finished.

Oh, and it appears my boss is going to be gone most if not all day! Woo hoo!

All right, well...need some hot tea and I'd better get started on my day.


mtnchild said...

If you are low on energy and are grumpy, maybe you should be on an aspirin routine too. LOL

I've never read any of the HP books, nor seen the movies ... Is it something I might be interested in? Of course I haven't read any books in quite a while; I'm just not on that rotation right now. It's knitting time for a while.

Don't play too much while the boss is away!!
Love you

Jen FitzGerald said...

No such thing as too much play. Too hard to get away with when employees are about. :) No, I actually worked more than I played and got some of those nagging one-of-these-days projects done.

I'm not sure if you'd like HP--the first two are definitely written for kids--not that that makes them less worthy, just that they're written accordingly. After that, I think JKR started writing for the age group of the three protagonists as they grew. The last books are really *not* for kids that much.

I really found the first book hardest to get through, but the rest kept me pretty interested. The last one had so much stuff going on that I still haven't sorted out. A second reading is definitely in order for that one.

I know what you mean about "rotations". I call them "modes"--I am in the reading mode right now, not the writing mode.

Regina Richards said...

I call them 'jags' and right now I'm on a "find some sort of a routine and get organized" jag. Unfortunately my husband seems determined to take vacation days and get sick (really, not faking) constantly. I love the guy but having him around the house asking me stuff every few minutes makes writing very difficult.