Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh, I dunno...

Not much going on 'round here, at the moment.

I've started re-reading the HP books. Yes, I'm enjoying them that much. I pre-ordered the DVD of the 7th film for my daughter's birthday last Friday. It comes out on the 11th of April, so hopefully, I'll have gotten through all the books again by then. Then I'll be all prepped and ready for when the second half of book 7 comes out in the theater.

The weather here is very spring-like. Dreary and chilly. But that's good for now. No rain means no mud tracked in by the dogs and no wind means no dust from west Texas all over my house. And the moderate temps means nice low utility bills--

I received my electric and water bills recently and have been the lowest bills I've seen in YEARS. My electric bill was like $70 and the water bill close to the same. As I said, I haven't had bills that low in ages. What a pleasant surprise. The longer the weather stays this way the better I like it. ;)

This weekend I'm having a 'girls writers weekend' with two of my chapter mates and friends. *waves at Marty* It's going to be fun.

I suppose I should get to work...

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