Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year

The new year is a scant two days away. I eagerly anticipate it, hoping that 2010 will finally the be the year my husband keeps telling me is our year. The economy has hit us pretty good, but we can say that we did not lay off or fire anyone this year. Next year is another story.

The new year brings me closer to my children leaving home, too. Oh, I should be so lucky as to lose the two oldest. But my baby...he still brings enjoyment and wonder. (For now. ;)

Son has been helping hubby run the fireworks store. I was down there this past weekend as hubby had dental issues and needed to make an emergency trip to the dentist. So son was taking care of the customers. This boy is a great salesman--he knows all about most of the fireworks, what they do, how long they last, which ones are the good ones, etc...

And he still loves his momma, showering me with kisses and hugs randomly.

I'll be working the at the store this year--we never had the stand open on New Years, but the store has a built in clientele, so open we shall be. And I'll be helping. Oh, boy...

Well, Happy New Year!

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mtnchild said...

I would love it if 2010 was also my year!!! I guess one way to insure that is to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! OK, get off my butt ...

Well, I'm selling eggs to make money for chicken food - I think that's one thing. Now for the other 93 things ... LOL.