Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Potpourri...II

Well, we're just about down to the wire. I have about $300 more to spend between my daughters and a few more stocking stuffers. Now I have to brave the mall. Ugh... I started wrapping last night and will wrap some more this evening. I also have pumpkin cupcakes to bake and deviled eggs to devil.

On a side note, the dog got into the living room yesterday and licked all the frosting/snow from our Redneck Gingerbread yard and ate the graham cracker decking. Silly dog...

Maybe you'll get a chuckle out of this like I did. I was driving home last night and saw a yellow paper taped to the phone pole.


Frosted Cockatiel
Name Venus



Okay, so maybe the birds wings are clipped, but can you say easy prey for any other carnivore in the neighborhood??

Well, here's hoping.

Merry Christmas to all. See you after the holiday.

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