Thursday, February 26, 2009

Old habits are hard to break...

New habits are hard to develop. I think the general consensus these days is that it takes approximately twenty-one days to develop a new habit, be it good or bad. (How long does it take to break a habit, I wonder?) I've decided I want to develop a couple of new good habits.

One is exercise and healthier eating, which leads to my goal of losing weight and generally feeling better.

We bought Wii Fit on February 8th, so I'm three days away from supposedly establishing the exercise habit. It's fun and it's easy and it's convenient. I can do it in the comfort of my own home, day or night, at any time. What could be better?

The second is to write every day, or five days out of seven. This leads to completing manuscripts, improving my writing skills, which, in turn, increases my chances of being published.

A week or so ago, I cleaned up a little corner of the garage. Our business used to live in there, and our plan after we finish the kitchen and the living room is to turn it into the family room. Right now we have an assortment of furniture in there, including a computer armoire. So I cleaned up all the sawdust and molding chunks littering my space and set my laptop up. I used to have it setup in our room but it's difficult to write at 5:30 am while my husband sleeps and no light.

It's been a great change. My laptop lived on the coffee table for about a week prior to this, but it wasn't the ideal way to work. Now I find myself eager to start the day--even at 5:30 am--and get some writing done. I'm making decent progress on my young adult manuscript and am planning to enter a couple of contests with agents or YA editors as the final round judge. I'm probably a week away from the twenty-one days I need for this habit, but I don't think it'll be a problem.


L.A. Mitchell said...

Jen..sounds like you're off to a great start with your writing goals. Best of luck making them stick. You'll do great :)

mtnchild said...

It's always great to have a designated space for your various projects!

Keep up your 'changing habits' routine, I'm proud of you!!!!!


Anonymous said...

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