Friday, December 5, 2008


It's cold here in North Texas! Overnight we had lows in the twenties. Brrr!

When I took my daughter to school it was still just below freezing. While I wore my scarf and gloves, I did go without a coat--I'm trying to get ready for the real cold in Nebraska. (I will wear a coat up there for sure, though!)

My brother said it was pretty cold there right now...And I can't wait to enjoy a white (or even greyish) Christmas. It's been ten years since I spent Christmas in a snowy place. Maybe God will give me an added blessing of a fresh coat of snow overnight on Christmas--just to clean up the little part of the world where I'll be.
FYI- I shamelessly stole this from the Internet--this is not North Texas, but this is what I long to see...

Speaking of snow, do you have a special memory featuring that fluffy white stuff? Do share... (I'll share mine later.)


L.A. Mitchell said...

Beautiful. Every Christmas growing up had snow and I miss it so much. My favorite part about snow is when it falls out in the country, away from the noises of the city, and its silence has a sound. :)

I hope you have a wonderful time in Nebraska. Try a snowy walk at midnight. There's nothing like it.

mtnchild said...

Hmmm . . . memories of the fluffy white kind? Ummm, yup - shoveling 3 feet of the stuff off the roof!!!

I love fresh fallen snow. There is just a magic about it. Also when the sky is light colored and the snow is falling - just beautiful! When the sky is dark gray and it's snowing, I just want to curl up by the wood stove. I really wish I had glass doors in the stove so I can see the flames. Maybe on the next stove.

Love, Mom

Jen FitzGerald said...

Thanks, ladies for sharing--

If I get chance to walk in the snow at midnight, I surely will!

Mom, you can keep the shovel--I sure don't miss that!