Friday, February 1, 2008

A time to post...

I've been trying to post on a regular basis, with an average of twice a week. Some weeks are harder than others. This week for instance. I worked late everyday trying to get caught up on the work I couldn't get done during the day. Wednesday was the worst. I was on the phone pretty much all day - or so it seemed - and I couldn't even complete one call without another call or two or three coming in on call waiting. Yikes!

But today has settled down considerably, despite what I had to do this morning. And I'm not working late tonight, either. My two critique partners are coming over (I love how writerly that sounds -- hee hee) and we're going to work on our current works in progress. (Okay, it's really a sleepover for grown up women under the guise of official writing type activities.) So I've been slave-driving my kids today who have no school or work to get my house acceptably clean for guests.

My hubby and I finally made it to The Home Depot last night and got our new kitchen counter-tops ordered and paid for. Now I really have to get after staining the cabinets... and removing the remaining wall paper and border and getting the upper half of the walls painted... I'll be so glad when this project is over.

Well, back to work. It's the first and, therefore, payday for my employees. After I create paychecks, I think I'm going to take the rest of the day off. It's nice being the boss.

Have a good weekend.

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