Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Taking care of business...

Before I take my last two (well, actually the first and the last) children to their respective activities for the day - work for one, school for the other - I thought I'd check in.

Today my goal is to get through all the stuff on my desk and get good and caught up. And pull all the paperwork and receipts out of my purse and get that stuff figured out and filed.

I got some sanding done on my cabinets yesterday, and have a sore right upper arm to prove it, and I got some writing done. I've got to have the cabinets completely done in the next two weeks. And my concrete writing goal is a complete rough draft of my 30K word Young Adult story by March 8th. I've got 8400+ words.

Hope you have a productive day.


Unknown said...

Hi, Jen.

What a busy lady you are. I'm almost jealous. How'd the cabinets turn out? Don't despair over your story. Keep writing those small scenes and little snippets and you'll get there. I'm emailing an answer to your earlier email regarding one of your characters: you know who.

Happy writing,

L.A. Mitchell said...

It's hard to wrestle between getting caught up (aka-clean socks for the masses) and word count. You can do it, Jen :)

{{{{waves at Gina}}}}