Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's all about the discipline...

In anticipating my next blog entry, I've been thinking about what to write. Last week, I had an epiphany: writers actually write. They don't just say they're writers and then play around with it, writing fan fiction instead. And after a workshop by some RWA chapter mates of mine and reading an article, I got that writers write. Everyday. Anything. Something. A journal, a blog, a short story, whatever. Just put the words on paper.
Okay, so I was going to write everyday. The new thing is blogs - so I thought I'd create a blog and post twice a week. And write everyday. But when?
It turns out that the easiest time for me to consistently write would be early mornings. That meant getting up earlier. Now after a summer of rolling out of bed at 7:30 and padding to my office by 8:00, (My husband and I own our business, and our office is in our converted garage.) it was tough to consider getting out of bed any earlier. It was working out for me, this relaxed schedule.
I did start getting up around 7:00 in order to spend time the Lord each morning. But now I wanted to write. How much time would I need to actually get anything accomplished? And how long would take me to wake up enough to see the letters on the keyboard - I am not a touch typist.
Five-forty five. That's what time I roll out these days to write. Fifteen minutes to let the dogs out, get something to drink, let the computer boot up, and hopefully I've woken up enough to be productive. I know some of you are probably snickering, and okay. But it's more about the fact of having to get up an hour and fifteen minutes earlier than about what time that actually happens, right?
But now I'm looking at the beginning of school. I have two school-age children who will be need to be prodded out of bed and gotten to school. So that means another adjustment to my alarm clock.
But I am a writer. And I write. At six o'clock in the morning. Argh...
And it's all about the discipline.

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