Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day of School

I sent my two youngest off to school today. The older of the two is a junior in high school - know the drill, knows the school. She's totally blase.

My youngest started middle school. Yikes. He wanted to ride the bus. Okay. Good. I hate the traffic jams around the middle school anyway. But he was nervous. He admitted it. He's a pretty cool kid in that regard - not afraid to cry or admit things.

I was nervous as a mom sending my baby into mostly an unknown for him. He went to transition camp a few weeks ago and rode the bus back and forth to that. He got a tour of the school so he's not totally without knowledge of his new surroundings. But that was only about sixty kids - all incoming sixth graders. This morning he had to face all the kids in all the grades.

And I wasn't there to support him. It's tough being a mom sometimes and knowing when to let your babies fly. I know he's fine. I haven't gotten a phone call from the school as of yet, so I'm certain he's where he should be.

But I'm looking forward to seeing him get off the bus, excited about his first day of middle school. He'll be full of chatter about his day and I'll sure be glad to have my baby bird back in the nest. At least until tomorrow morning.

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