Monday, July 1, 2024

Happy Independence Day


Credit goes to me--image taken in a random Kroger in North Central Texas last June. :0)

Happy Fourth of July!

Three days hence, the nation will be collectively grilling tasty meats, drinking wonderful beverages, and watching fireworks. I hope you have a wonderful day whatever you have planned.

* * * * *

My newest Funko Pop--a birthday gift from DD: Alexander Hamilton.

"I'm not going to miss my shot."

A couple of weeks ago, DD dragged me to a mall. In two different stores, there were these huge sections of Funko Pops.

I've said this before, usually about the massive number of varieties of cereal in the grocery store, but let me just say it again in general...there is way toooo much crap in the world.

Why...just why?

Don't get me wrong, I own my fair share of crap, including five Funko Pops, but whenever I go to a store (pick a store, any store), I'm flabbergasted anew.

* * * * *

Buc-ee's ~ Hillsboro, TX

Two Saturdays ago, DD and I finally checked out the brand new Buc-ee's in Hillsboro, Texas. It wasn't jam packed as I expected, which was a nice change of pace on a hot Saturday afternoon. I bought the requisite magnet, but I also filled a gap in my wardrobe; I now own a Buc-ee's tee shirt. :0) 

* * * * *

Hope you're all well.

Catch you in a couple of weeks.


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