Monday, May 27, 2024

Sonshine Is Coming Home!!


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I finally got the confirmation that Sonshine can and will be coming for a visit. He'll be here the week of my birthday and, with any luck, the Stanley Cup Playoffs will have come and gone and I'll be dragging my boy to downtown Dallas for a parade. :0)

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Speaking of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Round Two has come and gone since last we chatted. And the Stars are still playing hockey. WHOOO! They're currently in the middle of the Western Conference Final.

DD and I attended the watch party of Round 2, Game 6, where our boys in Victory Green had to win the game twice... and I know you're asking "What does that even mean, Jen?"

It means we scored in the first overtime but the goal was disallowed and we had to keep playing. We made it to second overtime and were able to score / win. (FYI, overtime in the playoffs is sudden death.)

And we bought tickets to Round 3, Game 2 while driving home that night, lol...

By the time you're reading this, we'll have attended that game, and we'll play Round 3, Game 3 the night this posts.

We're 1-1 in the series so far. :0) LETS GO STARS!!!

* * * * *

So DD and I saw Hamilton last week and I gotta say... Great performance by the cast. It wasn't Lin-Manuel Miranda and Company, but it was as good as could be expected. I got a magnet to remember the occasion by, and it's basically that star in the image above, just with the gold and the black reversed.

Now, for a performance in a fancy-schmancy opera house, there was an interesting array of modes of dress. From summer shorts & tee shirts to dressy dresses and sports coats and everything in between, everything was represented. And more power to y'all.

Having not previously attended a performance there, we picked seats we thought would be a good mix of affordable and that provided a good view of the stage. We didn't pick great--it's always a learning curve, isn't it? If I sat back comfortably in my seat, I was unable to see about 1/3 if the stage at an angle as we were seated along the left side of the opera house on the 4th level. Next time, we need to be more centrally located.

As a result I had to sit with a few contortions and it wasn't comfortable by any stretch. My back, which already has issues, was not a happy camper. Live and learn.

* * * * *

Okay, friends...that's all for this edition. Catch you in two weeks. Hope you're having a lovely Memorial Day Weekend.


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