Monday, December 18, 2023

Merry Christmas!



Christmas is a mere week away. Hope you're well and ready for your holiday celebrations, whatever they may (or may not) entail. :0)

* * * * *

Check this out! I mean click the image and look closely--really study it. It's an amazing thing.

While it may look like a piece of child's art done with scissors, glue, and staples--it's actually a painting!

Here's the artist's website: Bill Braun Art. DD showed me a clip of his work via Tik Tok, and I knew I wanted to share it with you.

* * * * *

Along with the monthly letters I've finally gotten diligent about sending to my Grandma in Denmark, I send a floral arrangement to her for her birthday in August and for Christmas. It's gotten to be more and more of a challenge to find Christmas themed arrangements that can be made / sent in foreign counties--namely Denmark. In fact, 1-800-Flowers didn't even have any. They had regular flowers, but nothing for Christmas.

However, after much Googling I finally found an online flower retailer who had Christmas floral arrangements available to send to Denmark. Unfortunately, it was a little more expensive than it used to be, which is probably due to several factors. The most important thing is that Grandma gets flowers. If I'm not mistaken, Grandma turned 98 this past August, so she's not gonna be around too much longer for me to send flowers to.

* * * * *

Shopping is almost done! Two identical gifts to buy--I know what it is, just a matter of swinging by the specialty store--and one last gift for DD. She's somewhat of an Anglophile and she discovered the British Emporium in a nearby city, so we're going to check it out on Thursday.

All that's really left is the wrapping part. Which I'll probably work on a little each day when I need to take a sitting break.

* * * * *

DD and I went to see Wonka yesterday (12/17/23) and we both enjoyed it. Despite Timothée Chalamet's amazing performance--he did all the dancing and singing himself and he was charming as a young Willie Wonka--we probably won't be re-watching any time soon.

We also spent too many hours watching the Netflix Series "All the Light We Cannot See" which was aaaaaamazing. I highly recommend it. But do it when you have four hours to watch because even though it's broken up into four episodes, it's that compelling.

* * * * *

And, in case you're wondering, DD and I have not yet worked on our gingerbread row house kit...probably this weekend.

Since I won't post until the new year...

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Take care!!


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