Monday, July 24, 2023

Miscellaneous Monday


Do you remember me committing to a "no spending challenge"?

I think I did... >>> researches such post <<< ...and yes I did so in late January. To recap, no buying more tea or lip balm before I'm out or almost out. And no books unless I have a gift card. No other purchases unless necessary.

I've adhered to the rules pretty well, and I've limited any impulse buys to the bare minimum. I've bought maybe two books without a gift card when I couldn't find them via the online library systems either. But they were important enough for this journey I'm on. They weren't fiction.

Fiction books only get bought with the gift cards. Luckily, my two fave authors can only write so fast so it works out. :0)

And while I'm still sticking to that "no" mindset, I've added a new challenge to my life: the "no complaining challenge." And let me tell you, it's definitely a challenge. We're talking about not even disparaging the weather despite its oppressiveness.

So as I go through the days trying to eliminate the negativity of complaining from my vocabulary, I'm realizing how much we all do it. Are there legitimate gripes to express? Of course... but I'm trying to better myself in various ways and this seemed like a good habit to tackle.

* * * * *

An attitude of gratitude...

Before the "no complaining" notion came across my radar, the concept of gratitude was presented to me over and over, both from books and via a YouTuber or two. Both YouTubers culled it from the same root source--a source, specifically a book, that I have also read this year...

So I've been practicing an attitude of gratitude. Not just your general off the cuff, spare a thought kind of thankfulness, but deliberate consideration of what I'm thankful for and also why... So I've been writing those down everyday. And it's been a great exercise in manifesting positivity and joy.

Along with gratitude, I'm positively affirming the things I'm not only hoping for but most definitely working toward. The change in thinking / mindset is a great motivator.

One of my daily affirmations goes like this: "I enjoy eating right and exercising regularly because both habits give me energy and are an investment in my future."

Let me tell, saying that several times daily has worked its magic. I'm making better food choices and I look forward to exercising each morning.

* * * * *

Extra Large Funko Pops Go NHL

Not that I want this one...but it's cool that there's finally a hockey player in the XL version.

If they come out with a Sidney Crosby, all bets are off. :0)

* * * * *


We're trying Noom now...

DH signed up, but I didn't. The intake form said it could help me lose my four pounds by mid-August and I really don't need to pay $169 and change to lose pounds in three weeks. I can manage on my own, thank you very much. >>grins<<

So far tho, DH has lost a few pounds, so that's awesome. And I really like the way they categorize foods, so planning meals and snacks won't become a huge chore.

* * * * *

I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was productive.

Here's to an equally productive week.

Catch you Thursday.


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