Monday, April 10, 2023

National Peach Cobbler Day is Coming!


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Head out to your local grocery store asap and pick up a pre-made peach cobbler or the ingredients to make your own!

National Peach Cobbler Day is just a few days away on Thursday the 13th. Make sure you're prepared to enjoy the warm sweet concoction that is peach cobbler.

Now, I'm not a fan of fruit pies as a general rule or cobbler really, but for some reason this particular dessert just sings to me. To be honest, I really just love the crust and the sticky thick sweet syrup. I can take or leave the peaches themselves.

I could live on pumpkin cupcakes, chocolate pie, and peach cobbler for a while if I had to. :0)

What about you?

Cobbler fan? Fruit pie fan?

If so, what kind?

Have a great week. Catch you Thursday...


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