Monday, July 25, 2022

A Day (or none) at the Lake...

and some Miscellaneous Monday items...

The view of the house from the lake...several years ago.
It's that time of the year when my girlfriends and I head to the lake. Unfortunately, Mom had some medical issues that precluded me from taking my annual pilgrimage.

I'm sad, of course, to have missed time with my dearest friends as well as the respite from care giving, but that's the way it goes.
Instead of weekend-at-the-lake pictures, we'll just talk about life as I know it and other random things.


I'm doing way more laundry than I'd like. Little male dogs are disgusting, quite frankly, and so my pants especially need to get tossed in the wash way more often than they used to.

It's been hotter than blazes here in North Texas way earlier than we usually see triple digit temperatures. We've reached 110*/111* degrees a couple times with stops at every other three-digit temperature in between. I've taken to watering the trees out front and a patch of really plush grass and the oak tree in the back a couple of times a week for about three hours.


It's been so hot that there's a splooting epidemic amongst squirrels...

What is that, you ask... It's when a squirrel, or any animal really, lays flat out on their belly, limbs splayed in order to get cool. Rocks, pavement, railings, the ground/dirt, tree limbs, whatever they can find.
You can sorta see one here in my yard...

He's not quite as spread out as he could be. Sometimes I do find them spread eagle on that rock you see. If you want a better picture, just do a Google search. :0)


Have a super week...catch you next Monday.

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