Monday, October 11, 2021

Craft Time

I'll be home sometime this afternoon and then it'll be a nice looong stretch of being home.

Thank goodness. I'm tired.

Of course, hockey season starts this week, but luckily our boys in Victory Green start the season on the road. DD and I are cutting way back on games this season. We've chosen the must-attend games (opening night (of course) favorite opposing teams, bobblehead nights, and the like) and the rest of the tickets will be listed on the secondary market. If they don't sell, we'll go.

Speaking of hockey--I'm sure you missed all my hockey talk, didn't you?--DD and I have some crafts planned.

From last year, wee have these lovely Nutcrackers...

And this year, we found gnomes(!!) while we were out and about trying to get ideas for our annual Stars ornament...

Ornament idea yet to be determined.

Recap and pictures of the conference to come. Hope you had a great week last week and here's to a good week this week.

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