Wednesday, March 3, 2021

It's barely mid-day as I write this, but it's already been a day, and I'm ready for it to be Friday at 5pm right now.

I could use a bubble bath and a drink and I don't say either of those things often. :0)

We've probably had in combination two dozen phone calls or emails for service calls this morning. Usually we're sitting at six to ten by this point in the day... Yeesh.

On top of that, my writers group is having some issues, so as "leadership" and for other reasons, I'm on call to help sort through that.

So that's my day.

And last night the Stars lost yet again. So it appears that this season is just going to be a wash due to injuries to key players and the very condensed schedule. They actually played well last night, but the other team's goalie and his goalposts kept us off the scoresheet. 😕

Hope your week is going better than mine! Take care and catch you on Friday.

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