Monday, February 15, 2021

Oh the weather outside is...

...f*cking frightful. Pardon my "French."

The chance of snow came back with a vengeance--100%--and we have at least three / four inches on the ground.

Thank goodness I took my daughter's suggestion to grocery shop Saturday morning, (I usually go Sunday morning.) despite the hassle I went through. My Walmart was closed, so I had to go to a different one whose layout was somewhat similar, but not 100% the same, so I had to go up and down every aisle and backtrack a few times. But the roads were clear and the temps tolerable.

Because this is what I awoke to Sunday morning:

This was Sunday evening, just before sunset:

And this was this morning (Monday):

I know the whole nation is experiencing crazy weather. Some parts are more used to this. We are not.

Usually we get a dusting and it's warm enough that it melts within 24 hours and we're back to standard conditions.

Not this year, baby!

We've hunkered down and I'm working from home...if there's even work to do. I'm sure most of our clients' employees are stuck at home unless they're essential and I know they're not. So--good old fashioned snow day.

The problem is, we're not going to warm up for any of this to melt away by tomorrow. We stay below freezing through Thursday...with another round of snow expected (90% as of this writing) on Wednesday... 

Last year was one for the record books and it looks like this is year is starting off with a bang as well--

Hope you're warm and safe. Take care and have a good week. Catch you Wednesday...

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