Monday, October 5, 2020

And so it begins...


The dental work, that is.

Sorry, no pictures are forthcoming. Last Thursday I had three teeth pulled, the right side canine and the two just to the left of it, and then a bone graft put in. It'll be left to heal for 8 to 12 weeks, at which time I'll have posts put in, and then at some point after that a permanent bridge will be attached. Oh joy. But I'll have permanent teeth and a new and improved smile.

Once I get past the necessity of soft foods--most of which seem to involve carbs unless I eat a lot of eggs--I'll get back on track with my diet plan.

I started my yoga practice again last night and it felt good. I've been missing it.

Now that hockey is over and the dental work has begun, life can get back to a measure of normalcy. I have a book due in a month, so time to get crackin'.

Hope you had a great weekend...

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