Monday, September 14, 2020



I know you're probably getting tired on my hockey posts, but this is what's going on with me right now...

Saturday night's big win earned us the Stars Reunion Tower Ball sequence. I was so very glad to see it.

Our boys are now up 3-1 in the best of seven series. A win tonight sends us to the Stanley Cup Finals.


In other news...

There is no other news. :0)

I've been going to work and going to hockey watch parties. There has been no writing and no editing. Because I'm out late, I'm sleeping in because I need my sleep. I know this about myself. So I'm using this as an opportunity to take a break from the book so that when it's time to dive back in, I'll have fresh eyes and a fresh perspective.



Have a great week! Mine may be a roller coaster...



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