Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Winners Get Sprinkles and I get Ice Cream


Darryl "Razor" Reaugh--color commentator for Stars' broadcasts started the idea.

Perhaps surprising many of their fans, the Dallas Stars have played pretty decent hockey in their past two games, earning two wins in a row and taking a 3-2 lead in the best of seven game series. Should they win their next game, they will move on to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

In celebration, I'm sharing pictures of some crafts DD and I made a couple of months ago.

The numbers on the paw pads represent my favorite players: 14--Jamie Benn, the captain; 45--Roman Polak, who's since gone back to the Czech Republic for good (sniffle); 23--Esa Lindell, a member of the Finnish Mafia and one of our top 4 defensemen; and 35--Anton Khudobin, the "backup" goalie.

So when I say the Finnish Mafia, it's just a nickname for the group of Finns on the team; there are three of them and they are all bright young studs. As for our backup goalie, he's absolutely good enough to be a starter, but we have him as a quote/unquote backup. And thank goodness. Our #1 goalie has been out with an injury and no one--team or fans--has to worry any longer about the goaltending situation like we used to. So "backup" is something of a misnomer, hence the quote marks.

This guy--isn't he cute?--started life as an unfinished kit we got on clearance at a local craft store right after Christmas last year. I've been on the hunt for more of them, but they all come with swords or guns and those don't work for our purposes... Hoping there will be more this Christmas season as I think DD and I could paint a few of them and sell them to people on the Facebook Group we're a part of.

As for me, I've been beating the heat with homemade Keto ice cream. I know this doesn't look that appealing... lol ...but it tastes pretty darn good.

This is chocolate caramel peanut ice cream with chopped caramel chips and chopped peanuts. It's a little too rich between the cocoa powder and the chopped caramel chips, so maybe a bit less cocoa powder next time around.

I've also made various other flavors, all to my satisfaction, including chocolate chocolate chip, chocolate caramel pecan, chocolate caramel peanut, coconut chocolate chip, and chocolate caramel coconut. Tonight, I'm looking forward to coconut pecan. No chocolate.

I have some anise extract, but I've yet to decide what to pair/mix it with...feel free to offer suggestions.

The base ice cream recipe, along with flavor additions, can be found here if you're so inclined to try it.

Have a great rest of your week.

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