Friday, May 15, 2020

As the Body Adjusts...

So with the dearth of grain-based carbs and sugars, my body is making adjustments and I can feel the drain as it works harder. I've been a bit foggy in the brain a couple of mornings as well as feeling a little extra tired.

The articles I've read assure me that this is normal. My body is now utilizing other things in the body and converting them to the fuel I need, especially my brain. While I don't like feeling fuzzy-brained or tired, it's nice to have evidence that things seem to be working the way they're supposed to and that eventually my body will adjust and I'll be back to least as far as that goes.

We all know I'm not normal. :0)

I have been struggling with consuming enough calories though; more than I thought I would and as a result of that and the extra-tiredness, I've cut back on the exercising so I'm not burning so many. So more brainstorming as to how I can add calories. I've added back the meatloaf...

I'm eating pretty much all the things various articles have said I should be eating on a low/no carb diet except for one or two. As we know from previous posts, coconut oil has a lot of health benefits. Many articles say it adds a nice flavor to tea or coffee, and it's fairly high in calories, so I'm going to try that. I've also been craving a nice juicy hamburger, so guess what's going on the grocery list this week?

One of the perks of going keto, supposedly, is the loss of cravings for carbs...and I love carbs so much. So I'm toying with the notion of that reward of ice cream. Maybe I shouldn't. Of course, everything in moderation, right? If I splurge on a pint of ice cream every couple of months, what's it really going to hurt?

* * * * *

While I haven't exercised every day, I did take advantage of the time and spent it writing. I'm not done with the book as I'd hoped to be, but I'm soooo close. Maybe at the end of tomorrow morning's three hours, I'll be able to say it's done. *fingers crossed*

* * * * *

Oh--guess what I found / bought last week...?

Four brand-new strings of red/white/blue fairy lights!! Remember my old strands had burnt out? My theory on that was that the third strand was different from the first two and they somehow shorted out as a result. Anyway, as the country gears up for Memorial Day and subsequently the Fourth of July, the stores have their sections of holiday-related paraphernalia, and there they were. So I bought them because I'm a weak, weak woman.

Any-who, have a great weekend and I'll catch you on flip side. Maybe with good news, maybe with pictures...

Take care!!

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