Friday, February 14, 2020

Winners Get Sprinkles

Darryl "Razor" Reaugh -- color commentator for the Dallas Stars
I was originally thinking of some intellectual topic for today's blog post, but after Tuesday's game and then last night's game, I decided my Dallas Stars needed some love. Not only because they won both games, but because it's been a week of really good things, so let's celebrate!
1) Andrew Cogliano played in his 1000th game last night. There are "only" 82 games a year, so this can take a while. Sadly his Iron Man streak (meaning consecutive games played; he got all the way to 830) was broken a couple of years ago due to a suspect penalty call and subsequent suspension.
* On a related note, Cogs is the third Stars player this season to reach the 1000th game milestone.
* On another related note, all three of those players have been with the team for a year or less. Cogs came to us this time last year and the other two were signed over the summer.
* And for those two summer signings, Dallas is only the second team for each of them. They'd played their whole careers and most of those 1000 games with a single team (although not the same team).
2) Jason Robertson played his first NHL game last night and earned his first NHL point with a secondary assist on Tyler Seguin's drought-breaker...
3) Roman Polak played in his 800 game last night.

4) Tyler Seguin finally scored a goal, breaking his career long drought of 17 games. He did it in his home town of Toronto. In front of his parents and tossed the puck to his mom in the crowd.

5) Denis Gurianov, our young rookie sensation, scored his 17th goal last night and is tied for second on the team with another young stud, but only behind our captain who...

6) Captain Jamie Benn scored a hat trick during Tuesday's game, earning him that 16th, 17th, and 19th goal of the season, leaving him at 299 career #300 is on the horizon.

7) The Stars have the longest win streak in the Western Conference right now at 3. They are tied for second in the League with a New York team and trail behind the Tampa Bay Lightning who have won 9 straight games.
8) Now this point isn't just this week, but we have the best goalie tandem in the League with Ben Bishop and Anton Khudobin. We made it to the playoffs and to the second round of the playoffs last year because of these two. Three years ago, the team couldn't buy a win streak to save their lives.

Okay, I'm done gushing about my team. But they deserve it.

Have a love-filled Valentine's Day and a wonderful weekend. I'll gush abut tonight's event on Monday.

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