Friday, May 3, 2019

So, yeah, I completely forgot about posting Wednesday....

...until very late in the day. Apologies.

There is nothing in my head right now but work, writing as needed, and...


As DD and I were driving home from the game Wednesday night (or maybe VERY EARLY Thursday morning), she commented that her BFF said she hates how hockey is ruling our lives right now.

And that's the truth.

When's the next game? Do we have tickets? Is there a watching party? Are you going?

Oh, it's Mother's Day...what are we doing? I don't know, it depends on if Dallas makes it to the third round and if they play that day.

Oh, are you going to >>friend's house<< for annual JAG meet? Well, long as >>friend<< allows me one TV to watch the Stars if they're playing. (She will. She has three TVs in her very large living space.) did it get to be May??? It was just January.

Best of all...the short story is finished, for the most part--yes, I remember sharing that already--and is being read by BFF Jenn. It's got to be turned in Monday...I'll be working on it this weekend to get it finalized.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I am working from home again two days a week. It's nice for may reasons, one being I can have windows and doors open to enjoy the weather unlike at the office. Two being I can set the iPod to shuffle, plug into the speaker, and listen to the eclectic assortment of music I've collected over the years. Three being, my fur babies are generally close at hand. Four being, I can spread the weekly chores out and not have to do them all on Saturday and Sunday.

Hope you have a super weekend!!

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