Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Conference Impressions

To quote Tim McGraw--"these are my people."

We all have multiple aspects of our personality, and different groups of friends and acquaintances that mesh with/feed on those various aspects or not. At GRL, I met another group of my people and it was marvelous. I met a lot of people, but really only got to a know a few, which is fine. There were just over 400 people at this conference, and you just can't become bosom buddies with everyone or anyone in four days.

My friend Char, who invited me in the first place and offered her room to share...
Thanks so much, Char!!!

One thing I loved the most about this conference was the visibility afforded to newly published authors. You do have to pay a slightly higher rate for "sponsored author" status, but if you have even just one book published, you qualify. Unfortunately, I didn't qualify at the time of my registration, but I enjoyed going, getting the lay of the land, and meeting people. I fully intend on going back next year as a supporting author.

Themed dance party on Saturday night--this is me in my random costume...

Another thing I appreciated about this conference is that it changes cities from year to year, so any time I decide to go, more than likely, I'll get to travel to a new place. Next year is Portsmouth, VA, which is about as opposite from Denver as you can get: sea level, humidity, military vs wild wild west history.

Unlike, say, Romance Writers of America, this conference wasn't non-stop, back-to-back workshops either. Choices were limited and you were able to pace yourself. You're still pretty tuckered by the end of the day, but it's not brain exhaustion from too much information.

Various folks also organized outings as well. Like one author used a local restaurant as a setting in one of his books, so a dinner field trip was organized to that eatery. Something like 70 people were interested in going, and I think more than 50 actually did. There were also fun events like bingo and trivia games, and an author version of Match Game.

So, yeah, as long as finances work out, I'm planning to go next year. More thoughts on Friday.

Have a good rest of the week.

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