Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Sound of Music...

Or, rather, the sound of instruments.

Often, I have to listen to plug in my earbuds and listen to something when I go to bed because, either, I'm too awake to fall asleep and I really need to, or my brain won't stop even though I'm super tired.

On occasion, I listen to Benedict Cumberbatch narrating an audio book, because he's got a great voice.

Mostly, though, I listen to the soundtrack to the seventh Harry Potter movie. Even after the dozens of times I've listened to the first handful of songs (I'm usually asleep after three to five of them, so...they serve the purpose), I still listen carefully and try to identify which instrument creates which sounds and effects. Some are easy. Some not so much.

Several years ago, the Led Zepplin song "All Of My Love" came across my radar via the radio station I was listening to at the time and there's a musical interlude somewhere in the middle. I would have bet money that trumpets (or some sort of brass instrument) played a big part in it.

Except, when I had Sonshine listen to the song, he claimed it was a pipe organ. Which--huh-- During subsequent listens, I could hear how, yes, it could be a pipe organ. But, then again, it still sounds like trumpets to me.

Anyone else, play that sort of game with music?

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