Monday, December 12, 2016


Despite some of the crap that's rained down on me/us over the last month or so, there have also been some blessings.

While I'm not thrilled with having to buy (well, lease) a new car, I can't deny that having one isn't also a treat and blessing--nothing's wrong with it, it drives like a dream, and it has several pretty cool bells and whistles.

This past Saturday was my writers group meeting. There was no program, we just had a great time visiting, playing a game, and exchanging tacky/ugly ornaments.

 (Can you find me?)

This group of ladies and one gentleman are some of my favorite people and I'm always blessed to spend several hours in their presence each month.

I've received and taken a handful of proofreading jobs, got the next book in book series I'm maintaining the series bible for, as well as updating a I've got this influx of cash in order to pay for the copy/content edits and book covers for my series of books I'm working on publishing next June.

I discussed my expenses with DH several month ago and he said he'd get me the money (probably out of the profit of selling fireworks this New Years season), but you know what--it feels really nice and is definitely satisfying to be able to be as self-funding as possible. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this blessing means that modest success (at least) is in store for these books once they're out in the world.

And one last blessing to come...having all my babies home for a very short time--Sonshine will more than likely be granted leave to come for a ten-day visit.

Blessings on all of y'all as well.

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