Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Road Trip...

I'm recovering from a whirlwind trip to Houston this past weekend. A friend had a book signing at an indie book store and wanted some company. So I went. I was lucky enough to see my gorgeous Brown-Eyed Girl, but wouldn't you know...I took a picture of the view from the deck where we ate brunch, but I didn't get a picture of her and I. Duh!

While in Houston, my friend Gina Lee Nelson, writing cozy mysteries as Rebecca Adler, hit six Barnes & Nobles so that she could sign her books. As you might have noticed at any retail outlet you've visited, Christmas is upon us. So in the second store we hit, I saw a table full of blankets, scarves, covered hot water bottles, and slip-free socks. One pattern option was a lovely red plaid and the other was music staffs and a line from God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman. Had it been just the one store, I could have resisted, but seeing those delightful socks that reminded me of Sonshine over and over, I finally broke down. Cute, huh??

Of course being gone for the weekend meant none of my usual chores got done, but as of this morning's quick trip to Wally World, we're back on track.

I know I'm kinda late with this, but how was your weekend??

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