Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My little Acer Netbook still runs like a champ...

Okay, maybe not like a's pretty old, manufactured in 2003. I got for my birthday, maybe in 2004. My operating system is that oldie but goodie, Windows XP.

Yes, really.

My new laptop that I got two or three years ago has a failing hard drive and it's out of commission for the time being, so I booted up the trusty-dusty Netbook. Okay I usually boot it up once a week or so so Dropbox can sync.

But now we're back to daily face time. It is a little slow, be she can run my writing programs and the Internet, and that's all I need. The scrunched keyboard takes a bit of getting used to again, but the size overall is actually much easier to work with whether on the sofa or in bed.

Thank goodness I still had it, because being without would have meant one cranky Jen!

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