Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Second Quarter Goal Review

So the second quarter of the year has come and gone and it's time once again to report on how I'm doing toward my goals...

Remember, they're listed on the left there. Let's take them one by one...

1) do more crafts  -- check -- I finished the last two cross stitched Christmas ornaments

I do admit that only because I wanted to start on a new cross stitch project and couldn't justify it without finishing these.

I also did a little fan girl project... the door to 221B Baker Street in miniature. I made one for myself and one for my fellow Benedict Cumberbatch fan girl Janie Crouch.

2) self-publish a book -- in progress actually -- The first very rough draft is finished and waiting for serious revisions. I lack certain skills and have taking class after class trying to hone them. Not making much progress and so I will have to just knuckle down and trust whatever writing skills/instincts I have to pull it off. But it's scary.

3) research degree programs -- haven't thought about this one in a few months, to be honest... I was busy writing the book and then fireworks season happened, so...

4) work on the yards -- between a rainy spring and fireworks season and laziness, I haven't done much. Then the mower broke and so I have a jungle. I think we're going to take a bit of the funds we made from fireworks and pay someone to clean it up nice. Then we can maintain. After we fix the mower and buy a new weed whacker.

5) ramp up the proofreading -- I did great for the first half of the year, not doing so great at the moment. I need to put out a few more feelers out into the universe.

6) clean up/clean out the house -- not much going on there. I was super lazy while DH was away selling fireworks. But I'm ready to get back on the housekeeping wagon.

7) get healthy and well -- haven't invested much time and effort into this lately either, but I can definitely feel the difference. Now that DH is home, life can back to normal in all ways.

8) write 2500 words a week -- that'd be 65,000 words by now and I don't have it. My book is at 30K and the fics I've written equal approximately 18.5K, so that's only 48Kish all total...

9) read 3 million words -- yeah, covered that by February. I'm just over 8 million right now...

10) reach the 120lb. mark -- not doing so hot there -- gained 10 pounds over the last two months, so obviously my eating and exercise habits also need to get back on track

And there you have it... doing good on some, not so good on others. But it's been helpful to review and see what's what so that I can make the proper adjustments.

How about you? How are you doing on your goals for the year?

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