Monday, May 25, 2015

Music Monday

Weekend before this one just past, I went to my in-laws house. We had a lovely evening visiting and eating (food's always so yummy) and listening to music. We also played dominoes, which was great fun. We got talking about how Forty-two (a domino game) was much like Spades (a card game) and I remembered how much fun I'd had as a teen learning to play Spades with my dad and step-mother. And I determined that I needed to play Spades or Forty-two more often.

But as this post is supposed to be about music, let's talk about that. My father-in-law loves music and what get together is complete without it? Now, FIL loves all kinds of music, but we ended up with some really classic country, which also reminded of my dad, who also love all kinds of music.

You know, they just don't make country music like they used to, so today I'm going to share a couple of my favorites from when I was growing up (the 80s).

Overall, I'm not and never was a huge fan of Willie Nelson, but I love his cover of City of New Orleans.

Johnny Cash is another country music/folk music/gospel music great of the  50s, 60s, and 70s. It's hard to choose just one favorite, but I'm going with one of lighter tunes, A Boy Named Sue.

And last but not least, let's add a feminine voice to the mix. How about Helen Reddy? I really only know the songs featured on her Greatest Hits album, so let's go with the song that rocketed her to stardom.

Hope you had/are having a wonderful long weekend. Remember those who died that we remain free...

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