Friday, March 20, 2015

My drawer runneth over!



My sock stash was getting a bit low. You know, they stretch out, the elastic around the ankles goes wonky.

When Sonshine was here in February, the family, sans me, went to the store to buy fixins for dinner and they asked me if I wanted anything. I asked for socks. Just a three pack to tide me over. They came back with flowers, but no socks. DD said there was nothing good. She's the sock fashionista in the family. But she said she had a ton of socks she never wears and would bring them to me.

Well, she finally remembered and I now have enough socks to last me quite some time!!!

What about you? Do you have thing for socks?


Unknown said...

I love wearing socks that have quirky or fun patterns! It's like a little flair that no one really knows about but me :)

DC said...

I would love to have a pair of your socks after you wear them for a while!