Wednesday, January 29, 2014

There's music in my house again...

Sonshine was guilted into joining the Jazz Band and he's now trying his hand at the trombone. I don't think it was too difficult a task though. I think he missed the music even though there's symphonic band every day. Just a feeling I have.

Here he is practicing Monday night...

I'm not sure why he's playing the trombone over, say, the French horn--God's gift to band, according to him. But expanding one's repertoire isn't a bad thing either.

Back in middle school, he started playing the trumpet and then took a turn with the baritone.

In high school, he's played trumpet, baritone, mellophone (marching French Horn), the regular French horn, and now trombone. I think it's great he can play proficiently on so many brass instruments. What's next--the sousaphone?? Don't laugh, he's talked about it!

Christmas Band Concert, Jazz Band, December 2012

Warming up for the Tarleton Jazz Fest, March 2011

Playing mellophone, football game, October 2013

Playing baritone at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas, May 2012

I wish I was musically inclined...

What about you? Ever played an instrument?


Anonymous said...

Trombones rule! And high school jazz band concerts are so much fun. Enjoy :-)


Regina Richards said...

I'm not musically inclined either. All my kids had a few music lessons (piano and guitar) but none chose to continue with it.

Jen FitzGerald said...

I played clarinet in junior high, but I memorized the fingerings--never learned to read music! I wish I could play, though. I envy those with the talent and skill.