Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I finally did it--

Cleaned up, formatted, and converted a manuscript for publication that wasn't practice and didn't belong to a friend.

I did a proofing job for a gal and she asked about the cleanup and formatting. I was honest and said I wanted to break into that market (such as it is) but hadn't done any yet. I offered to do hers for free and if she wasn't happy, then all she'd lost was a week or so of time and she could hire someone with more experience. She agreed. So I dutifully cleaned and formatted and converted. It was a great test as it was a really long manuscript, just over 90K words.

Anyway, she was pleased and said she'd recommended me to others and told her editor as well so that she could recommend a quality proofreader and formatter to others. And there we have it!

Wanda's book is a 90K+ word historical romance ficton taking place in biblical times.

I've also been working with my critique partner to get two novellas published, though I've been wearing my editor hat for the last couple of days. I'll switch to cleanupper, formatter, and converter in another day or two when we're sure the books are ready to go. Can't wait...

Even though they're not my books, it's very exciting!


Regina Richards said...

Cool! :)

Anonymous said...

You're helping 'birth' books, and that is always exciting. Congrats on a new skill set!


Unknown said...

Exciting news, Jen! Glad to hear you're expanding your skill set :)

Jen FitzGerald said...

Thanks, ladies. I appreciate your support!

Char Newcomb said...

Fantastic! Was this for the e- and print books?