Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Monday

Well, the game Friday night was all right. The football team lost, but it was a high scoring, relatively close game. I suppose it was nice for the other team to win since it was their homecoming. Their band was huge and put us to shame in both size, playing skill, and behavior. Sonshine did not have such a great night and, subsequently, neither did I. He's hanging in there though, but thinking he needs to lower his expectations. We'll see how that plan goes.

But the rest of the weekend went well. Okay, well, I binged on junk and failed to exercise and have been struggling with making good food choices all week. One of those bad choices was chocolate milk and Pepperidge Farm Chessman cookies!

However, in the interest of every day being special, I did drink my chocolate milk out of a wine-type glass!

Now, for something a little more interesting and fun--I caught a picture of a lizard with a grub in his mouth! I stepped onto the back porch and caught the little guy scurrying across the grass, then up the side of the stoop. He took a little detour up my leg, then jumped onto the brick of the house.

Here he is with the grub...

You may have to click the image to see the large version.

And last, but not least, one of my squirrel babies tapping into the bird feeder!

How was your weekend??


Regina Richards said...

Chocolate milk in a fancy glass sounds deliciously indulgent and we all need an occasional indulgence. So good for you.

My weekend was a mix as well. Still trying to find my way in my new empty-nester life.

Unknown said...

Love the squirrel picture! Crafty little devils... :)

Char said...

There must be something in the air. I was really bad yesterday - chocolate cake. Trying to get back on the wagon...