Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Farm Report

Okay, so I don't have a farm. But it's been a while since I mentioned my yard. I've been doing a lot of weeding lately. Unfortunately, there are sooooo many weeds, it's hard to tell that I am pulling anything, until I started in on this patch. This is after day one:

And this is after day two:

I have many many more patches to go...but at ten to thirty minutes a day I'm actually doing pretty well. I might have them all pulled by next spring. Then I can start on the dandelions.

The Chinese wisteria is growing like a weed. It likes the heat apparently. The azaleas, on the other hand, aren't doing very well at all. I've added watering cycles so the timer, but I don't know if they're gonna make it.



My mini-roses are blooming again too...that's a three-tiered planter. The yellow are on the bottom, the pink on the top. The middle one is taking a break I guess.

Last but not least, my corner flower bed. The plants themselves are green and growing, but no blooms for a while. One of the Sweet Williams just blossomed, but that's the only one.

Are you a green thumb?

PS--Sorry for the various picture qualities. Some were taken in the morning, others in the evening, so the light variations differ....


Regina Richards said...

I water my flowers in the pots on the porch. That's about it for me. Hubby is the gardener. He loves working in the yard. :)

Unknown said...

Looking good, Jen! I basically try to remember to water my houseplants. That's about all I can handle! :)

Chill N said...

The wisteria is looking good! The heated air is probably getting to the azalea ... I've always wondered how people keep them so well like in the Turtle Creek area in Dallas. Then again, it's shady at times. Slowly but surely, I've been introducing native and adapted plants. I love them because they like to be left alone.


Char said...

Poor azaleas. :(

I need to get into that 10-minute-a-day soon as the weather cools down & the humidity drops!

Green thumb? Ha! Not me.