Wednesday, February 27, 2013

For better or for worse...

...habits define us to a certain degree, to ourselves and to others.

Hey, look, there's the lady who always wears purple.

Oh, no, here comes the kid who never showers!

We all have them, good, bad and indifferent. We each have habits that endear us to people, and then there are those habits that drive others bonkers. Some of our habits keep us going day in and day out.

I'm fairly rigid in my habits and will almost always do a certain thing the same way all the time. Like, when I get home from work...I come in say hello to dogs and cats and kids, then I go to the kitchen and drop off any dishes from the day and sort through the mail, taking what's important. Then I take my stuff to my room and put it in the same place every single day. If it's not a work day, I still end up in my room putting my purse back in that same place so that I know where it is.

Not so with hubby. He comes home and drops his keys, wallet, and glasses in the first place he stops. If talking on his cell phone, he will head for the bedroom and drop everything on his night stand, but most of the time it's either the kitchen counter or the end table next to his chair.

Habits like bedtimes and getting-up times keep us (well, keeps me) on an even keel. Regular sleep cycles and meal times, as well as well-balanced meals and regular exercise keep us healthier both physically and emotionally. Why is it that more people don't realize this?

As for my not-so-great habits...I'm impatient with hubby a lot. And I annoy the kids. I guess I should ask them what they feel is my most annoying habit. :)

What about you...? Are you willing to share one good habit and one bad habit?


Regina Richards said...

Good habit: I start nearly every morning with preyer/meditation/inspirational reading/morning pages and a big glass of water.

Bad habit: so many its hard to choose, but the one I am working on breaking now is pointless internet surfing.

Unknown said...

I make my bed every day, so that's a good habit.

I drink waaaay to much soda, so that's a bad habit.

Good post! :)

Jen FitzGerald said...

That's an awesome way to start the day, Regina.

And yay for made beds, Lara. I'm not usually the last one out of bed, but when I am, I at least flip the covers back up so it's semi-made.

Thanks for sharing, ladies.