Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy 17th Sonshine

For the last 17 years, part of our family countdown to Christmas includes celebrating Sonshine's birthday. It's not his fault he was born a week before Christmas, so we've always made a point of celebrating his day and not combining it with Christmas, as well as ensuring that birthday presents are birthday presents and not combo gifts.

Yeah, so his birthday isn't for another ten days, but because DD and I have been Christmas shopping, we've also been birthday shopping.

Normally, birthday shopping happens the day before or the day of someone's birthday. Not so for poor Sonshine who eyed a stack of birthday presents for the better part of a week. Very unusual circumstances and he was eager to see what sort of wonders were contained within the wrapped boxes.

He asked if he could open his presents early and neither DH nor I had and issue with it. We're saving the cake for the actual day, but now he has plenty of time to play the games (a Mario game for the Wii and a PC game) he can't play once he goes down to the fireworks store. DD made the wise decision to give him those things for his birthday rather than Christmas for just that reason. Now he has just that much more time to play.

Sonshine and some of his loot:

 A book on the musical group, Green Day--one of his favorites.

 A pair of comfies with Mario printed all over them.

 His Mario game and Xbox Live points.

The rest of his cache included an add-on game for World of Warcraft, a pair of jeans, and a Minecraft tee shirt.

(And, yes, I adjusted the countdown numbers. Since as of today, and not counting today even though we still have to get through it, there are eighteen days left until Christmas day.)

Do you or a family member have to celebrate a December birthday?

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