Friday, September 23, 2011

Road Trip!

I went to Rockport, Texas with hubby this week. He had to meet with a lawyer on a forensic case and I tagged along. I was originally planning on visiting the USS Lexington again, but the BEACH was right there across the street from the hotel and I decided to relax on the beach instead. It didn't quite work out the way I'd hoped, but that's okay.

It was a gorgeous day!

Some pictures...

The seagulls enjoying the shade before I shooed them away to setup camp:

The view toward the Gulf of Mexico:

And hubby relaxing on the beach:

To be fair cell/landline service had been down all morning all over Rockport, so this was the best cell service he'd gotten all day and was just checking in with the office before enjoying a couple of hours respite before getting back in the car for the seven hour drive home.

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mtnchild said...

I love road trips!!! I'm going to lunch with a friend up at Lake of the Woods Lodge in a little while. Looking forward to enjoying the first day of Fall with a good friend. If there are regular trees, they should be starting to turn a bit. Most of what we have are pines and the leaves that turn are mostly on bushes ... glad you had a nice day with D.
Love you