Friday, January 8, 2010


There should not be icicles in North Texas. There just shouldn't.

Currently it is 18*F. With the wind chill, it feels like 5*.

Amazingly they did not close our schools. They planned ahead and schools are open. Some districts did close, but not ours.

However, I wish I were at home now, snuggled on the sofa sleeping through my favorite movie.

Hope you're keeping warm, wherever you are.


mtnchild said...

You are getting our winter!! Send it back!!

It is 32 deg. in my carport, not much snow left - as in a little patch here and a little patch there. Our precipitation is being forecast in rain terms not snow.

Enjoy my winter.

Love you,

Jen FitzGerald said...

I will not enjoy it. And if I could send back in your direction, I most certainly would.

But I think today we will be above freezing. Thank goodness!